What Are The 3 Types Of Audits In The UAE?

One of the chief aims of businesses is to maintain the company management in tip-top shape. To process this, several tools an...

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Different Types of Bookkeeping

Are you an entrepreneur that runs a small business? Well, there are several businesses out there that fail to afford proper accounting functions. Even...

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When Should A Company Register For VAT?

Before beginning with anything related to VAT today, let's recap the basics. Well, VAT is a certain tax applied to the consumption of goods and servic...

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How Do I Register For VAT in UAE?

Having a registration under the VAT law denotes that a business/firm is registered/acknowledged by the government. This registration states that the b...

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Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate in the UAE

The Tax Residency Certificate (TRC), also known as the Tax Domicile Certificate, is a government-issued document issued by the UAE's tax authorities. ...

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Beneficial Owners Procedures

With a greater international focus on tax transparency and the battle against tax evasion and other financial crimes, the requirement of identifying t...

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