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Irrespective of your industry domain, keeping the company’s accounts in order is imperative for your success. With the UAE evolving as the top choice for setting up new businesses, it is important to maintain your company’s accounts. We provide reliable accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, UAE. Our in-house team of professional chartered accounts ensure that your company’s accounts are always up-to-date. We are fully qualified and equipped to provide you with expert advice on a wide variety of bookkeeping matters.

Our expert team of accountants ensure that you have access to highly accurate financial information. Whether a start-up company or a large-scale enterprise, you can outsource your accounting requirements to us. Our full suite of computerised accounting and bookkeeping services will allow you to maintain a competitive edge.

We are Flexible as a Bookkeeper

As the best bookkeeper in Dubai, we are flexible and provide realistic solutions to companies. Specific to your requirements and preference, our team will visit your office. As bookkeeping services need to be consistent, our team will visit your office either fortnightly or monthly. Our expert team of accountants and bookkeepers can even assist you remotely in completing accounting tasks. No doubt, maintaining an in-house team of accountants is expensive. With Accountant Dubai, you will now be able to concentrate on important business aspects.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff at Accountant Dubai will always offer you the highest level of financial audit, VAT Return, VAT Registration, consultancy and accounting services.

Bookkeeping And Accounting Firms In Dubai

Bookkeeping Services

FTA Certified Accounting Agency in Dubai, UAE

What sets us apart is our FTA certification. Our certified and skilled chartered accountants provide reliable bookkeeping services across the UAE. Nowadays, bookkeeping and accounting services have become highly streamlined with the advent of International Financial Reporting Standards. As professional accountants, we cover every aspect of accountancy. We aspire to comprehend the needs of your business to provide highly scalable solutions. Our skilled and finest team of VAT Registration, VAT Consultants and auditors will help your firm maintain updated financial statements for your company.

To be competitive, you should comply with the latest accounting and tax regulations in Dubai. Our skilled team of auditors will help you comply with the latest VAT and tax regulations in the UAE. By opting for our services, you will be able to decrease the tax liability of your firm greatly.

How do we help Companies?

Here are some ways with which we help companies to register robust growth in Dubai.

  • We help organisations with group consolidation along with the preparation of annual reports
  • Our accountants and consultants are well-adept in executing accounts reconciliation
  • We are well adept in designing and preparing financial reporting packages
  • You can avail of preparation of a full set of monthly, quarterly and annual accounts from us

Best Bookkeepers

Bookkeeper in Dubai

Why are we the Best Bookkeeper in Dubai, UAE?

We provide the best bookkeeping services in Dubai because of the following reasons.

  • Our expert accounting services help in freeing up your company’s management from regulatory and administrative tasks
  • We are FTA certified and help you to maintain your accounting records properly
  • Our team of expert auditors help you comply with the latest tax regulations in the UAE

We at Accounting Dubai provide the best-in-class bookkeeping service that can help you to optimise your entrepreneurial affairs. All the accounting firms in Dubai choose us since bookkeeping avoids any potential risk of misunderstanding, human mistakes, missed payments, and tax deadlines. If you are looking for a reliable bookkeeping guide, you can give us a call today or reach us online.


Many small businesses and entrepreneurs usually find it challenging to appoint an accountant. Nowadays, it is pretty daunting to find a qualified and right person at an affordable rate. A vast majority of businesses are outsourcing their bookkeeping services in the UAE.

One of the key reasons to outsource your bookkeeping services is to save upfront costs. Moreover, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their bookkeeping services to eliminate time and costs associated with the hiring process. Outsourcing accounting also allows you to scale greatly. In other words, outsourcing your accounting can make you competitive.

To remain competitive, your competitors are outsourcing their accounting services. Usually, entrepreneurs want to invest in developing business processes rather than building an army of accountants. The business world has changed a lot.

To stay competitive and relevant, organisations are deploying innovative tactics to the main lean number of staff members. The notion of accounting as a service is gaining steady popularity among many businesses in the UAE. With Accountant Dubai, you will get highly customised and tailored accounting solutions. We have various types of packages, which makes it easier for the companies to opt for our services.

If you are a start-up company, then outsourcing your bookkeeping service is of great significance. Multitasking can greatly cost your business. If you spend too much time handling your financial records and accounting services, you will be unable to grow.

In short, you will experience more pain than gain when building a dedicated team of in-house accountants. Outsourcing bookkeeping services will provide your company with added flexibility and scalability to operate in this competitive business world. Bookkeeping services from Accountant Dubai also provides you with actionable financial intelligence, which helps you stay relevant.

If you are ready to shift bookkeeping off your plate, outsourcing bookkeeping is the ideal option. With the help of an outsourced bookkeeper, you would be able to concentrate on the important aspects of your business. Moreover, there is no need for you to stress about inaccuracies in the accounting department.

Usually, an outsourced bookkeeper has an expert team of certified and professional accountants who are well adept in working in this digital landscape. From filing tax returns to complying with the latest laws, an outsourced bookkeeper is of great importance. You will be able to get cost-effective solutions from them.

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