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A tax return is a document that a tax registrant provides to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE detailing his supplies and purchases. The tax periods granted to your business by FTA upon VAT registration determine when you must file a VAT return in Dubai, UAE. Registrants’ tax periods are determined by the FTA during the approval phases of VAT registration, which might be monthly or quarterly as the authority sees fit. Accountant Dubai offers VAT return filing services in Dubai and across UAE delivering outstanding services to help you grow your business. If you have any doubts regarding the VAT Return Filing, feel good to discuss with us. Accountant Dubai is there for your care!

In the UAE, VAT Return Filing is a wholly online method by which a tax registrant can show the value of their sales and purchases and remit the tax owed. A VAT registrant might seek a tax refund if the supplies are less than the purchases. The application for a tax refund is a separate process that necessitates the submission of additional information as requested by the FTA. The inclusion of documentation such as tax invoices and tax credit notes is not required when filing a VAT return in Dubai, UAE. The registrant is responsible for keeping track of any papers connected to his business and must provide them to the FTA when requested.

Importance of VAT Return Filing

It is the responsibility of a firm to declare the information of its suppliers to the authority as a tax registrant in the UAE. In comparison to other tax systems, completing a VAT return in Dubai is a very simple process if you properly understand the rules. We’ve seen a lot of firms take it for granted because it’s a simple process, and they wind up paying huge penalties as a result. As a result, it’s critical that you file your VAT return correctly and on time.

Vat Return Dubai

Vat Return Filing In Dubai

Penalties associated with VAT Return filing in the UAE

  • If a taxable person fails to file his return on or before the due date for the first time, he will be assessed a non-filing penalty of $1,000. 2,000 in the event of a repeat.
  • If a taxable person fails to pay his dues on or before the due date, he will be subject to the following non-payment penalty:
    • A penalty of 2% of the unpaid tax is due right away.
    • The fourth percent is payable on the seventh day after the payment deadline.
    • Any amount that is still overdue one calendar month after the due date for payment will be assessed a 1% daily penalty, up to a maximum of 300 percent.

From the date of default, these VAT penalties will be automatically calculated and charged to your FTA account. Such VAT fines can result in a significant financial outflow for a business, which can be prevented if tax return filing is done properly.

Some of the common errors businesses make while VAT Return Filing

Understanding the arrangement and reasons for each column in a VAT return is critical for a business. Comprehension of the intended purpose of a particular column in a tax return requires a thorough understanding of the law.

The following are some of the most common mistakes we’ve discovered:

  1. Failure to issue a legitimate tax invoice in accordance with the law
  2. Records that aren’t kept up to date aren’t kept up to date.
  3. Reporting by emirate is incorrect.
  4. Bad debts are not properly adjusted.
  5. In the case of imports, the ‘Adjustment’ column is incorrectly used.
  6. The distinction between exports and out-of-scope supplies is incorrect.
  7. Personal costs and entertainment expenses were incorrectly claimed.
  8. Incorrect input tax adjustments in the improper tax periods
  9. Refund and VDF Forms are being used incorrectly.
  10. Non-disclosure of service import

The VAT Return stated above is a good example of this. Filing problems are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tax return errors. A company’s ability to handle these challenges must be assessed with extreme caution, as failure to do so may result in noncompliance.

Our role in VAT Return Filing

Our staff have extensive experience assisting over 2000+ clients in Dubai in successfully submitting their tax returns. We believe it is our job to stay current on the region’s ever-changing tax scenarios. By evaluating your transactions and determining the tax points involved, we can provide you with precise tax advice for your business. As VAT Consultants in Dubai, we will extend our guidance, support, execution, and resolution on all your challenges encountered, based on the provisions and guidelines issued by FTA, and based on our expertise and knowledge in the related field after encountering practical scenarios that we face on a daily basis.

Our qualified vat returns experts guide you through all the rules and regulations as well as updated VAT laws in the Emirates. Get in touch with us!


Yes, regardless of whether you have a transaction or not, you must file your return on a regular basis.

Yes, you are eligible to claim expenses incurred prior to tax registration under UAE VAT Law.

Yes, you can treat this as a bad debt and make a particular adjustment on your tax return to reflect it.

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