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VAT Training for Businesses in Dubai, UAE

VAT Training in Dubai, UAE with us aims to provide senior management with conceptual knowledge and accounting professionals with practical experience. We believe that an organization’s leadership and employees should have a fundamental awareness of the tax laws that govern the economy in which they operate. Such UAE VAT training sessions also assist in retrospectively examining organizational tax systems and provide an opportunity to examine any compliance checks that a firm may have in place.

As part of our CSR initiatives, we began offering UAE VAT training classes, which we later modified to the specific needs of each industry in response to client requests. During our UAE VAT Trainings, we include case studies from various sectors that we have learned from our practical experiences and that can assist your staff better understand the principles. We have provided VAT training to over 1000 firms in Dubai, UAE. Corporates, banks, and SMEs in Dubai, UAE can benefit from our in-house and online UAE VAT training, which can be tailored to meet their specific needs. Our team of qualified VAT advisors, and tax accountants will ensure a timely and cost-effective VAT training in Dubai, UAE for SME’s.

What we cover in VAT training:

  • A thorough understanding of the Value Added Tax system
  • Essential principles of UAE VAT Law
  • VAT in UAE Free zones & International Trade
  • Obligations and rights of a Taxable person/business in Dubai, UAE
  • Excise Tax
  • Real scenario case studies.

Note that the above list is not inclusive, and each UAE VAT Training is tailored to the specific needs of the company. Our knowledgeable training can assist your staff with any questions they may have, as well as any practical challenges they may encounter during the VAT Return Filing procedures. We adopt a holistic approach to imparting working-level knowledge to various levels of stakeholders in the UAE VAT.

For the VAT to be implemented successfully in the UAE, the relevant knowledge and skills are required. The management of VAT in an organization can be made much more difficult and confusing by a lack of awareness of the law of the land. Penalties and compliance failures may result as a result of such issues.

Vat Training For Business In Dubai

Vat Training For Businesses In Uae

VAT training in Dubai and throughout the UAE

VAT is a type of general consumption tax that is levied indirectly. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) was established in Dubai, UAE to oversee tax-related procedures. The authority makes adjustments and updates on a regular basis because it is a new system. It is critical for businesses to be informed of these latest modifications in order to avoid penalties and fines.

Keeping up to date on the tax system is beneficial to businesses. VAT-related processes can be completed with minimal error if you have received training on the rules and regulations of VAT.

Businesses must complete the VAT registration and evaluation process in order to avoid infractions and, as a result, penalties. Companies must comprehend the VAT principles, procedures, rules, and laws in order to do so. VAT training aids in understanding the VAT system’s framework, as well as the regulatory and legal issues. Training also aids in the effective application of the tax system and the timely submission of VAT returns. Accountant Dubai helps people and business by providing advice and dealing with VAT implementation services in UAE.


A person or entity that has a taxable transaction in Dubai that exceeds the registration threshold must register for VAT. The mandatory registration threshold for a resident is AED 375,000/- in the previous 12-month period, whereas the optional registration level is AED 187,500/- in the same period. While calculating the threshold, the applicant should also look at the next 30 days’ worth of taxable transactions.

However, if a non-resident performs any taxable transaction in the UAE for which no other person is tax liable, he must register for VAT.

If a person or corporation conducts a taxable transaction in Dubai, UAE and is obliged to register for VAT, the registrant will receive a TRN certificate (VAT Certificate) that includes the tax registration number and the tax term.

The VAT Law can be downloaded in its entirety on the FTA website, but you can also attend one of our webinars or seminars for a better understanding and learning experience. Other resources, such as blogs and short movies, are also accessible for reference on our website.

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