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VAT Transaction Advisory Service is a form of VAT Advisory Service in which a VAT expert examines specific business transactions to determine whether VAT is applicable. Such services are specific to a company. VAT Advisory Services have a unique niche in all tax regimes, particularly in Dubai, UAE, where tax implementation is still relatively young. Tax laws are issued by tax authorities around the world to govern tax procedures in their respective regions, but they are generic in nature. Tax laws do not cover specific scenarios that a firm may encounter, but they do provide insight into the taxability of transactions as a whole. VAT Transaction Advisory Services are provided by tax professionals in this situation.

Our tax consultants in Dubai, UAE are experts that have a thorough understanding of the UAE’s tax rules and regulations. Our Tax Consultants were instrumental in the smooth implementation of VAT in Dubai, UAE by assisting businesses in comprehending the laws and regulations. Our VAT experts assist you with VAT transaction services in Dubai, UAE. A tax advisor can help you save time and get your taxes done right. VAT advisory services advising is all about guiding an entity about specific industry transactions.

What is a VAT Transaction Advisory Service, and how does it work?

VAT Transaction Advisory Service simply refers to the examination of a single business transaction to determine whether UAE VAT is applicable. Such services are specific to a company.

As you may be aware, every business involves a number of transactions that are essential to its operation. For better compliance with UAE VAT Law, it is critical to define them in detail and identify the tax points involved in those transactions.

Consider a business that is located within a Designated Zone. According to UAE VAT Law, any supply of products made inside such defined zones for the purpose of consumption is subject to a 5% tax. However, a careful reading of the law should reveal the gist of the law, which specifies that products consumed inside a designated zone that are part of or consumed in the manufacture of another thing located in the same designated zone are deemed as being beyond the scope of UAE VAT.

This is one case in the UAE VAT Legislation that many tax registrants get wrong owing to a lack of understanding of the law. It is almost a requirement to have a seasoned tax adviser examine your business model and determine whether the taxability is accurate according to the country’s tax regulations. A tax consultant’s knowledge isn’t limited to determining the tax points in a transaction; it also includes ensuring that the accounting is done correctly to reflect the tax treatment in the company’s books of accounts, as required by law.

Vat Advisory Services

Vat Advisory Services In Uae


As a VAT Transaction Advisory Firm, our role is to advise on VAT transactions.

When it comes to VAT in Dubai, UAE, we are the experts. Across the region, we’ve successfully deployed tax systems for over 500 clients.

We assist clients in efficiently managing their VAT transactions by complying with UAE VAT legislation and providing transaction advice as part of our VAT Transaction Advisory Services. The TAX Experts ensure that businesses follow the laws and regulations in order to avoid overpayments and ensure that Input Credit is obtained accurately and on time. Our VAT Transaction Advisory Services or VAT Advisory Services are tailored to your specific business requirements in order to provide you with the best advisory services available in Dubai, UAE.

Why should you choose us for vat advisory?

  • Quick, accurate, and cost-effective support / VAT consulting services from a VAT Expert for any questions or difficulties that businesses may have.
  • Analysis of the VAT’s impact.
  • Formulating solutions and generating suggestions to assist clients with taxes counsel.
  • Through meetings and conversations, the VAT Consultant Service is provided.
  • On-call Advisory Service.
  • Queries or clarifications submitted through phone or email will be answered or advised via phone or email.
  • VAT Consultants provide a personal visit to the client’s office as part of their service.
  • Handling industry-specific challenges and providing exact counsel to ensure compliance with UAE VAT rules.
  • Advisory services for customs clearance and difficulties relating to designated zones.

Accountant Dubai’s mission is to provide comprehensive vat transaction advisory incorporating all aspects of the business. We are one of the leading Accountants and VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE whose approach is to support businesses through the entire process of setting up of VAT practices.


Depending on the nature of the project, our team will ask for certain papers that they believe are necessary for determining taxability.

Depending on the scope of the project, we produce a detailed report that identifies system flaws, compliance issues, and potential administrative penalties. Only after a comprehensive discussion with the company’s management will such reports be issued.

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