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Accounting and Financial Reporting in Dubai, UAE:
The process of keeping track of a firm’s transactions is an important part of its development. Accounting assists a business in tracking its revenues and spending, thereby reflecting the operation’s outcome. To analyse business opportunities, a company’s everyday transactions must be tracked and accounted for. The following are the most frequently asked questions by investors:

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Is it necessary to keep track of my accounts as long as I know I have enough money to run the business?
Some of the regulations requiring the necessary maintenance of books of accounts in Dubai, UAE are the UAE Commercial Company Law 2015, the Federal Decree-Law on Value Added Tax (VAT) and Economic Substance Regulation in the UAE. As a result, accounting and financial reporting are required.
If I continue to work in accounting, how will I be able to focus on the day-to-day operations?
Accounting and financial reporting will assist investors in understanding a firm’s financial status, analysing investment prospects, and reducing non-essential expenditure. The future possibilities of a company can only be established if the books are kept up to date. Accounts outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE are the best alternative for an investor since they allow them to devote their full attention to the operations while also ensuring that the records are kept up to date, allowing them to reap maximum benefits.

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Accounting Services on a Regular Basis

The firm’s daily transactions are recorded in accounting software on a regular basis, and monthly/quarterly reports are prepared, followed by financial analysis with management.
Weekly Visit: Our associate will come to your office once a week to update all of your firm’s transactions, including recording purchases, sales, receipts, payments, and other business transactions, recognising transactions on an accrual basis, and ensuring transactions and documentation are compliant with UAE VAT Law.

Daily Accounts Updates from our International Office:

Our accounting office in India can help the client keep track of their transactions on a daily basis. It entails updating transactions such as sales, purchases, payments, and receipts, as well as reconciling bank statements. Any other customer requests will be met, and the executive will work as if he or she were the firm’s own accountant, but at a lower personnel cost. The client must give the data for this manner of update by email or an online portal.

At the end of each month, our MIS Reports will include System Generated Reports, and financial analysis will be undertaken based on the report. On a quarterly basis, in-house comparative financial statements will be provided, which will contain ratio analysis and ageing reports.

Accounting Services in Dubai

How can we assist you in the UAE with Accounting and Financial Reporting Services?

We can assist you with Accounting and Financial Reporting by keeping accurate books of accounts and ensuring that all legislative obligations are met. We understand the demands of every organisation and deliver reports tailored to the management’s expectations.

The following are some of the advantages of using our accounting and financial reporting services in Dubai, UAE:

Improve the firm’s efficiency and production since we can efficiently perform non-core jobs with competent staff.

Access to cutting-edge technology without having to spend a lot of money on accounting software.

At a cheaper rate, the services of more experienced specialists will be offered.

It is possible to eliminate the complexity of training accountants and the transition procedure from an existing accountant to a new accountant during a replacement.

Additional employee benefit expenditures can be avoided.

Updating Backlog Accounts:
Companies that have been in business for a few years, particularly SMEs in Dubai, UAE, will not have maintained their books of accounts and will be managing their transactions in the old-school style of recording in books or excel sheets. Businesses find it difficult to set aside time to record previous transactions in an orderly manner due to various rules requiring the preservation of books of accounts.
What exactly do you mean when you say “update backlog accounts”?
Updating Backlog Accounts is the process of recording past period transactions from the beginning of a firm and ensuring that all transactions are captured in order to accurately depict a company’s genuine condition. It establishes a company’s financial status and allows for the assessment of the company’s future prospects.

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The Importance of Keeping Backlog Accounts Up to Date

  • Provides management with information for making decisions.
  • Allows for market comparisons of business revenue and costs.
  • Provides data for calculating costs and lowering overheads, hence boosting the company’s net profit.
  • Provides real-time information about the company’s position.
  • Ensures that the company follows all applicable rules and regulations.

The advantages of Backlog Accounts Services in Dubai, UAE
Companies that understand the need of keeping track of transactions in a systematic manner have recruited bookkeepers. However, management may be unable to establish the veracity of the transaction’s recording or compliance with local laws. It’s possible that the personnel won’t be able to assess the transactions and give a judgement on the company’s financial situation. As Warren Buffet pointed out, it’s usually a good idea to reflect on past mistakes before making new ones.

1. A permanent record of transactions: It’s difficult to keep track of transactions without recording them over time. Accounting the transaction would give the businessman a permanent record from which he could easily acquire information.

2. Business analysis: Once the accounts have been updated, the investors can generate reports on the business’ efficiency and examine how it is doing. The studies can be used to examine market trends, diversification prospects, and future potential.

3. Saves time: When accounts are stored in software, investors/employees won’t have to go back and look for information on previous transactions. It will be easily accessible in the system, and the accompanying documents may be tracked using the reference number provided.

4. Improves cash flow management: Accurate transaction documentation provides a comprehensive view of the company’s financial situation. The company will be unable to grasp its financial situation and arrange money if necessary if expenses and income are not recorded.

5. Supports Decision Making: Accounts-based reports will assist the company in making strategic decisions that will benefit the company. It can invest in any project if it has a large cash balance, or it can use facilities to keep the business running smoothly if it has a little cash balance.

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The strategy used in Dubai for Backlog Accounts Services

Consultation with management: The nature and volume of business are examined, and the management understands the company’s special requirements.
Documentation collection: The client is asked to provide the information of all previous transactions. Vouchers, transaction source documents, cheques, counterfoils, payment slips, receipts, bank statements, and other inputs necessary for updating the accounts are among the papers collected.
Transaction Accounting: Our executive will update the accounts depending on the papers and explanations provided by the client.
Creating Reports: Following the conclusion of the transaction accounting, the following reports will be prepared:
A financial statement (statement of financial position)
Account of Profit and Loss (statement of comprehensive income)
Statements of cash flow
Report on Aging Sales and Expenses Comparative report on sales performance and Expenses
Analysis of Financial Ratios
Report Consultation with management: The prepared reports will be examined with management, with a focus on the company’s performance and potential investment areas.

Our Role in Keeping Your Backlog Accounts Up to Date

Our knowledgeable professionals can assist you with updating your company’s financial records dating back to its foundation. We make certain that each year’s accounts are properly concluded, ensuring that all applicable regulatory obligations are met.

Our colleague will come to your office and collect sales invoices, purchase invoices, payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, petty cash expenses, bank statements, cheque counterfoils, bank transfer copies, and other documents, then update the accounts either at your office or at our office. If there are any additional clarifications or requirements, they will be sought during the amending of the accounts.

Following the completion of the Backlog Accounts update, the compliance with applicable laws and statutory requirements will be reviewed and advised as necessary. The generated reports will be discussed with management, and the overall performance of the company will be evaluated.

I’m very satisfied with the service and efforts.
The accounting team has been offering outstanding services to discuss and advise on auditing at our convenience. Our company’s VAT consulting and other accounting-related needs. They verify our month-end and year-end reports thoroughly and consistently. Monthly visits to our office were carried out. They assisted us in developing an accounting system that allowed us to easily monitor our accounting administration. They responded to our questions quickly and effectively. Overall, we are quite pleased with the work that has been completed. regards Sarah


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Financial Accounting is the process of recording an organization's day-to-day monetary transactions, whereas Financial Reporting is the process of summarising the recorded data and presenting it in accordance with Standard Policies, which is then used to make decisions.

There are four main types of financial statements used for financial reporting purposes:

a) Balance Sheet - This shows the business's asset and liability status on a certain date.

b) Profit & Loss A/c – Shows income and expenses for a given period or year.

c) Cash Flow Statements - Shows how money moves.

d) Statement of Owners/Shareholders Equity Changes

Financial reporting is commonly thought of as the end result of accounting work, hence it falls under the category of accounting.

A balance sheet depicts how efficiently a corporation utilises its resources. It depicts the organization's asset and liability status. The revenues and expenses incurred over a certain time are summarised in a profit and loss account.

A Cash Flow Statement is a financial statement that shows how a company's cash position has changed over time. It describes how Cash flows in (receipts) and out (disbursements) through time. Cash inflows can come from a variety of sources, including the sale of goods, the sale of assets, revenue from trade receivables, interest, dividends, the issuance of additional shares and debentures, loan raising, short-term borrowing, and so on. Cash withdrawals can occur as a result of the purchase of products, the acquisition of assets, the repayment of debts, the payment of taxes and dividends, and so on. Operating operations, investing activities, and financing activities are all included in the cash flow statement.

The Funds Flow Statement shows how the business's working capital has changed over time in connection to its operations. Current Assets and Current Liabilities are the two basic components of working capital. The money flow statement describes the many sources from which funds are created, as well as the numerous purposes to which they are placed.

Backlog refers to work or responsibilities that need to be done from a previous period. It's a collection of unfinished projects.

It keeps a permanent record of all business transactions; it aids in the comparison of revenue and costs between current and prior periods; and it aids in the analysis of trends and changes in trends for proper decision-making.

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